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Find & Repair Leaks

On a daily basis, how much water do you drink? Is there any water in your house that needs to be drained? There’s a chance you’ve got a leak in your house. Harris Hot Water Services is available to help. Using modern leak detecting technology and years of experience, our personnel can assist you in locating and repairing any leak in your home or company.

When the contents of a container or a fluid-containing structure, such as a tank or a ship’s hull, leak, the contents escape or outside material enters, causing a leak. Almost every leak is unintentional and unpleasant. A leak is usually a long-term loss, but a spill is usually a dramatic, one-time event. Water can leak or spill in a variety of places as a result of a leak in a house’s or other building’s water supply or wastewater system. For example, leaks in natural gas pipes could allow flammable and potentially explosive gas to escape, posing a threat. Both large and little refrigerant leaks can occur in refrigerators and air conditioning systems.

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