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Unclog drain

In Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Harris Hot Water Services provides drain unclogging services. We unclog drains and take care of any problems that may emerge as a result. Top-of-the-line equipment and chemical drain cleaning are utilized to unclog a clogged drain. This assures the proper operation of your kitchen or bathroom sink. To learn more about our amazing drain unclogging services, give us a call right now.

Drains carry waste water and liquids to a more convenient location, where they can be disposed of, redirected into a container, or processed into sewers or stormwater mains. We clog the drain with almost everything we flush or pour down it. We’re asking for problems if we flush too much toilet paper or put spaghetti and chicken skin down the garbage disposal. It’s inconvenient when your toilet or sink stops flushing or emptying.

Price $60 – $500 SKU: dra995145 MPN: dra43111024